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دانلود کتاب Foundations For Dynamic Loads



دانلود کتاب  Foundations For Dynamic Loads (فونداسیون برای بارهای دینامیکی)






 .Design of foundations in earthquake prone areas needs special considerations

Shallow foundations may experience a reduction in bearing capacity and increase in

settlement and tilt due to seismic loading. The reduction in bearing capacity depends

on the nature and type of soil and ground acceleration parameters. In the case of

piles, the soil-pile behavior under earthquake loading is generally non-linear. The

nonlinearity must be accounted for by defining soil- pile stiffness in terms of strain

dependent soil modulus. A comparison of observed and predicted pile behavior under

dynamic loads has attracted the attention of several investigators. The lateral dynamic

pile response of single piles predicted by analytical models often yields higher natural

frequencies and lower resonant amplitudes compared to those determined from field

tests in horizontal vibrations only. This has been found to be due to overestimated

shear modulus and radiation damping of the soil. The authors made an investigation

to determine a simple method to improve the theoretical predictions of piles

embedded in fine soils. Based upon this investigation shear strain dependent

reduction factors are proposed for determining the shear modulus and damping for

.pile response calculations


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دانلود کتاب Foundations For Dynamic Loads

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